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DITL June 29th, 2007

I decided to do it special for my Grandma, who will not be with us much longer. I do not think I will have any more pictures of her after this.
It was sad and special at the same time, the whole day was hard, but not without smiles.

As is fitting, it's a dreary morning.

Morning necessities. I can at least usually manage clean teeth everyday.

I attempt to get some writing done, but don't get very far.

Spaz is hungry.

The Heir Apparent is blessedly asleep.

Last night my Mom called to tell me my Grandmother won't be with us long, some comfort food will be in order today.

Waking the Boy Wonder.

Television babysitter so I can get a few things done.

Putting away toys.

Washing dishes.

Folding laundry.

Oh look, I took too long. The Boy Wonder has scribbled all over my monitor.

So I feed him.

Looking through old pictures, I find this one of my mom and me as a baby.

She wakes and demands feeding.

Gives me a chance to read.

Children calmed, I quickly clean the bathroom.

That didn't last long. The Heir has been unconsolable of late.

I am developing a headache.

She finds her fist and calms down. (She didn't want to nurse)

Thumbs up, everything's A-OKAY, right? ...right?

I needed some reassurance.

Time for reading. The Boy Wonder has a talent for recognizing fruits.

He surprised me by recognizing the letter C and not just the cat on the back that he calls "Meow"

Tummy time.

The Boy Wonder had a haircut the other day, isn't he handsome?

This about sums up my feelings for the day.

Hubby stepped on a large piece of glass that was somehow on the floor, I decided not to show you the bloody mess but rather just the makeshift bandage I made him until we could get some first aid stuff at the store.

On our way to see Grandma Scotti, we saw a rainbow. It was comforting.

Kids all loaded up.

My Grandmother... it's very hard to see her this way.

The Heir Apparent enjoyed her fingers and made her smile.

The Boy Wonder gives his Great Grandmother kisses and loves.

She could still squeeze my hand.

Old age is cruel. This hurts so much.

Off we go, with promises to see her again, if the Lord wills it.

The Heir loves to fly.

Target is close by, so we go there.

On our way home.

Listening to music.

Home. Don't you love how apartments file you away like a folder in some great big filing cabinet? I can't wait to own a home.

Okay, I admit it. I comfort shopped, but I needed gifts for 5 baby showers.

Touched out or not, they all demand feeding.

Safe at home, I just had to let it all out.

Dinner, ingredients for fried rice.

The Boy Wonder would rather play than go to bed.

At last, sleep.


Sorry it's not a very happy day, but life is full of good days and bad days and the reality of it is... we live them all.
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