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Important Notes - please read! :)

Hi everyone! QUICK NOTE - first DITL for 2017 is TOMORROW, Saturday, January 7th!

Firstly, I want to say how excited I am by the response and interest by so many people in the group! Thank you for staying involved, 2017 will be awesome!! :)

Secondly, regarding voting for 2017, there will be changes. So many of you voted on the poll regarding voting on DITL entries and I was blown away by the response!

A whopping 70'ish% of you said you didn't want voting on entries! However, because a third of the results was to continue voting I have come up with what I hope is a good balance for everyone. After seeing the opinions of members of the group, the following changes will be made for 2017.

- DITL days will remain the same : once every 8 days, with the specific dates set ahead of time. December will still remain a free submissions period.

- you will have 7 days (rather than the previous 4 days) to submit your DITL post.

- there will be NO WEEKLY voting on entries.

- there WILL be MONTHLY voting on ALL entries submitted over the entire month, but only on those submissions that choose to be included. You can choose to not receive votes even if you submit a DITL post.

- there will be 1 week to vote on entries submitted for the previous month.

- the voting process will be made much easier, so hopefully more members will be able to take a few seconds and vote on their favorite entries.

I hope these changes strike a happy balance for ALL members, and will make the group run smoother!


DITL Dates for January are :
Saturday, January 7th (TOMORROW!) - submissions close Saturday, January 14th, 9PM EST

Sunday, January 15th - submissions close Sunday, January 22nd, 9PM EST

Monday, January 23rd - submissions close Monday, January 30th, 9PM EST

Tuesday, January 31st - submissions close Tuesday, February 7th, 9PM EST

Voting Begins - Wednesday, February 8th
Voting Ends & Winners Announced - Wednesday, February 15th
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Hi folks, it's been a while since my first and last post here, so I decided to do a little refresh and post a very busy and weird NY Eve (and night) that my husband and I had just survived.
Prehistory: we left Moscow for Dubai almost 6 years ago, and its been totally different experience as far as Christmas and NY is concerned. Temperature about 30C, heat, people in shorts all around, and a bad parody on Christmas trees and the rest of attributes.

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Skins gen 1 cassie [bench]

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In an effort to get DITL back on track for the new year, as simply and swiftly as possible, I have approved all previous DITL's submitted and there will be no voting on any of them. Please look through them and leave comments, though!!

OPEN SUBMISSIONS : For the rest of the month, and up until January 6th, 2017, you can submit a DITL done on any day and it will be approved immediately. There will be no voting on these entries, they are purely to share any special or memorable days during the holiday season. :)

2017 : The first DITL of 2017 will be on Saturday 7th January! I truly hope that we will have many submissions next year and that this group will once again be the amazing place it was!!

A COMPETITION OF SORTS : Submit a picture before January 1st, as a comment to this post, and have it eligible for voting. The winner's picture will be used as the group's Bio page image. The current image is this -

Any pictures similar to the above picture (something creative that shows the word DITL) will be accepted!

A POLL : For 2017, would you prefer the format remain the same, with voting on the entries each week, or would you rather have no voting and simply have people submit their DITL's for sharing purposes? You have until January 1st to vote!

Poll #2059990 Voting or No Voting

Voting or No Voting


ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS - please vote in the above poll, but please feel free to leave any additional thoughts regarding the issue in the comments, for further discussion/consideration. I'm wondering if something like voting once a month, on all the posts for that month, and then a Best Of for the year based on those 12 winners, would be something people would prefer? Or, simply no voting at all.

Thank you all so much!