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DITL: 23/05/11

This is my first attempt at a DITL, so there are a couple of gaps where I forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures and as an exercise for myself I was just using my camera phone so quality is a bit mixed. Hope you enjoy and any comments are appreciated.

I'm working nights this week so my DITL starts now.

Welcome to the department.

There's a lot more people around of a day.

My workstation for the night

But what do I actually do I hear you ask!

I look after the blood stocks to supply hospitals with through the night and send it out as and when they need it. There's a bit more to it than just that (monitoring alarms, dealing with deliveries, preparing for the next day and a thousand other things) but that's the essence of it, especially on a night shift.

While I'm dependant on the hospitals for about half of my nights work, if no one phones then I need something to keep me awake. Lots of choice purely because I'm incredibly indecisive and don't know what I'm liable to want to watch until I put the dvd in the player.

Choice made.

Then the phone goes.

Overnight addition for a hospital.

The next days orders (not all my own work)

Shift over. Escape!

And so to bed. Night all.

Unngghhhh. Too early but I'm too awake to go back to sleep now.

Blustery and wet, my kind of day :)

Breakfast of Champions (just don't look at last nights dishes)

Showered and dressed but still working on the self portrait thing. note to self - eye's front helps.

Showing my geek credentials. They were a Secret Santa present a couple of years ago and are still going strong. I always feel slightly nervous wearing the red ones though for some reason.

A quick catch up on a few webcomics in the study

Then off out to pick up some bird food while on the way to meet up with a friend for a birthday drink.

Other hot beverage retailers are available.

Beth went for the coffee and I had a hot chocolate (the actual names were much longer than that but that's what it boiled down to)

Next stop to pick up tickets to see TT3D: Closer to the edge on wednesday with my dad and brother in Law

Evening tv with my camera shy wife

Bin night

Back to work

Going to be a busy night

Day over but another 7 hours till I get to go home to bed.

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