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My first ever DITL. I've tried it before with my 'proper' camera, but I found it WAY too time consuming, so I decided to have a go using my rubbish blackberry camera. They didn't come out too bad and I'm pretty pleased I managed to get it done :D

Woke up just before my husbands alarm -

Remembered I'd had a text last night from my friend Dave, who is taking my son out with his stepson to see Cars 2 later on today. I text him back and hope its woken him up. If I have to be up this early EVERYONE DOES!

Check on Husband-face, who has been sick for a few days, he looks a bit better but he's asleep, so its hard to tell.

Really need to pee, so I get on that -

Check on Rory whilst I'm there

Knowing him he'll be asleep for a while... Our cat Bella is by this point meowing and rushing around (too fast to get a decent pic) so I venture downstairs to feed her -

She thanks me by shoving her face into it so fast that half spills onto the floor. Thanks Bells!
Start on husbands lunchbox for work.

He eats poptarts cold. I usually give him a banana for breakfast, but they're all green so he gets a treat :P

Time for husband to go to work :( he's looking miserable and poorly, but more on that later.

Rory is still snoozing, so I have a very rare private shower

He's still snoozing when I get out, so I have time to do my makeup

I have a slight Chanel addiction... =/

I start to think that maybe it would be better if Rory got out of his pit, so I do my hair outside his door (Im so lovely)

Rory decides to get up

And here he is, blurry, naked, and for some reason carrying a book -

He's pissed because I took a picture of him without permission. I immediatly take one of him sulking. Aint I a stinker?

Im all ready now, so let the breakfasting begin!

He's more in the mood for pics now he has his cornflakes

I decide to be terribly english and enjoy a nice cup of tea

Breakfast over, I iron some clothes for Rory, trying to ignore the huge pile that needs doing D:

Rory dressed! Time to go upstairs and clean/tidy up

Firstly though, lets make sure that Rory is occupied with something more fun than 'helping' Mummy

That should do it. Right. Lets go and sort out his hole of a bedroom.

This looks normal, right? A normal bed?

Underneath the pillow however lurks a goldmine of hot wheels.

Thats everything tidy now, and I remember to give Rory his inhalers and hayfever meds. I didn't forget until this point... honest... Mother of the year here I swear.

Husband then calls and says he's still sick and coming home :( We go downstairs seeing as upstairs is all tidy and done and start sorting out downstairs chores. ROCK N ROLL!

We put the laundry on -

And do the washing up

Last nights is still there because I way too sleepy to put it away

I put it away now

Time check!

Then shortly after, husband is home, he goes right upstairs to bed :(

Rory and I decide to give him a bit of peace before checking on him, so we clean out Lily the hamster. Firstly she has to go in her ball -

Then we start to make her house nicer

Ahh, much better

Then I polish whilst Lily enjoys some more freedom :)

Time for her to go back though so I can vacuum up the mess cleaning her cage out made!

All done! Yay! The house is clean and tidy! Now to check on Rory and Paddy

Not too messy. Good good! And now for the patient -

Oh dear :( poorly boy is poorly. I decide to lie next to him and read another chapter of my Black Death book, seeing as the house is tidy and Rory is occupied.


Oh wait, whats this? Rory decides that my door is broken and needs fixing. With a hammer.

So much for reading. Quickly take him away from sicky trying-to-sleep Daddy and am confronted with this horror -

I don't know why I bother. Honestly, I don't. Oh well, at least he had fun. We pop the toys away and do a time check.

Oh my, time flies! I have to go and pick up a prescription for Rory anyway, so I figure we'll nip out for lunch at Tescos at the same time, giving Daddy a nice quiet house to snooze in.

First though, I have to hang out the washing. Its a brilliant day for it though, so woo! Housewife-gasm's ahoy.

Off to Tesco we go now then!

Being careful to hold hands across the roads -

But fucking legging it the second we hit pavement

We make it to the chemist! But they don't have any of his stuff in stock, boo. Oh well, at least we were planning on a nice lunch anyway. At Tesco *cough*

Rory is 4, so he decides to take the wheelchair ramp down to Tesco rather than the stairs. Ofc.

We get into Tesco and stop off for a pee break before lunch.

Then lunch, nom nom nom.

After lunch we have a nose at the magazines

This one looks amusing. I decide not to buy it though, as I don't want to be kept awake with nightmares of killer sperms/thongs

Home we go!

And obviously, back UP the wheelchair ramp.

Time check!

Paddy's Dad calls and just before we get home and tells me that he's driving the campervan to Peterborough for us to use over the weekend. Not sure why he thought Peterborough was a great place for weekend break, but apparently theres some sort of Thomas the Tank Engine Fete going on, so whatever. Anyway, we get home -

Check on the sick husband -

and go online to see stuff to do in ... Peterborough.

Check facebook and see that my little sister has got herself a gross new pet

Then I go and check to see what Rory is upto. Surprise surprise, he's found the DS and is playing Mario.

Decide to actually have a go at the ironing which is depressing the living shite out of me. Put Rory in charge of hangers.

Put a documentary about Stephen Hawking on whilst I work. Its very interesting.

Although, when its done, I find I need something a little more light, so for some reason I choose Eastenders


Then, out of nowhere, a wild Patrick appears!

He grabs some iced tea, plays with the offspring for a second then goes back to bed. Totally worth it.

I get the laundry in, which is nice and dry, woo!

I get Rory ready to see Cars 2 with Dave and Alex

Dave is almost always late. Rory cures boredom by playing on the CBeebies website for a bit.

Dave gets here! Woo! Yes, he looks like Chris Martin. We know.

Child gone? Couple of hours to self? THIS CALLS FOR WORLD OF WARCRAFT! Or at least, just updating my cataclysm exp

Check WoW mails. Venture downstairs with husband who is feeling a bit better and decides not to let his lunchbox I made go to waste -

Decide that seeing as he's feeling better and Rory is off out with his mates, we'll play some monopoly. I know what you're thinking, we're literally the coolest people you've ever seen.

This is how monopoly went for me, in short hand.

I did not win.


Rorys home! Woo!

He has a bath, I get pics but apparently they're too naked for photobucket, although Im pretty sure there's no willy. Oh well. You'll just have to trust me that he had a bath ;)

After his bath its story time!

He seems pretty worn out, thank god!

I check my fave Lj Comm and I actually have a story to share for once! YAY!

Then onto WoW where I meet the husband for a dungeon or two *is a geek*

Realise that we've had nothing to eat =/ so we do the sensible, healthy thing and order a pizza

It arrives 30 minutes later, nom nom nom

Then I play Tiny Wings for a bit, get a new high score, woohoo!

Then I timecheck, realise that its WAY too late and go to sleep! Yay!

**Fixed borked HTML! *I hope*
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