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DITL- September 28th, 2011

September 28th. This was a day that was spent entirely at home, which is rare for us these days. It was sorely needed, though, because the weather's changing and I had to do a lot of catching up around our little homestead.

I wake up with Vera around 7:30.

We decide to tiptoe around and let the boys sleep. That only lasts a couple of minutes, and Asa joins us. I love the way they look in the morning- so squinty and snuggly. I convince the kids to let their dad sleep a little longer.

I start laundry.

I check my fermenting things... Carrots are pickling well!

I reset a mouse trap. I'm trying to get better at this... it freaks me out a little and I usually just let Jeff do it.

Kombucha is ready for the fridge.


I look around the messy house. I've been pretty busy lately and so I'm happy to have a whole day without any plans other than a walk with a friend later. But thinking about everything that needs doing around here gets me feeling a little overwhelmed. I zone out for a while. Jeff wakes up and leaves quickly for work.

I get phone call from said friend cancelling due to homework. More zoning out.

Scrambled eggs.

It's so quiet and cloudy this morning, and I can just tell that we all need to get our blood moving. 

I turn this...

...into this. Making my bed never used to matter to me, but lately it's been my starting point. So satisfying. Perhaps it's just that it's one of the few jobs in my life that has a finishing point. Yes.


I load kids up and we walk. Vera has serious opinions about clothing. Scarf, hat, but no socks... Thankfully it's not that cold out.

Vera stops us on the way out the gate because she sees a single eggplant on one of our potted plants! 

We say goodbye to Maya. I wish we could take her, but her leg has been bothering her.

Vera spies a pretty little playhouse.

We enjoy the trees and new colors.

V finds a fairy house!

Vera wants to taste the berries of the pokeweed. We talk about how it's pretty but poisonous. 

Home, and feeling much better.

I check the chickens.

And also on our new peeps.

Only one egg today. I hope we'll get more soon from our new young hens.

I look at the garden and think about what I need to do. It's the end of the season and we need to store as much of summer as we can.

Our door blessings we made for the equinox are getting rained on too much to dry, so I decide to hang them inside.

Vera gets a snack, while I keep Asa up on my back and try to put him down for a nap. Lately that's the only way I can get him to sleep!


Halfway done and I feel Asa heavy on my back.


Quick bathroom cleanup.

Dishes done.

I start dinner. I'd been craving pot pie, so I scrounge together veggies and meat and mix it all together in the crock pot.

I put together a massive pot of kitchen scraps for the chickens.

They approve.

Peeps are cute!

I start working. The first thing I notice is that the squirrels ate all my beautiful winter squash! I had so many!!!

Cabbage is very ready.

The worst part is not that they had a meal, it's that they nibbled. Couldn't they just eat a whole squash?

I find aphids on the brussels sprouts. It doesn't seem too bad, so I just remove some leaves and hope for the best.


I pull more cabbage.

Done. 10 whole heads of cabbage to store, plus a few cracked ones to make sauerkraut and kimchi with, and a few that I left in the ground that had been harvested and are coming back with new growth.

More evidence of squirrel shenanigans.

Next: peppers and carrots.

Carrots, peppers, broccoli. 

I move on to tomatoes. I try to hurry because I think Asa will wake up soon and I know that we have to get this stuff harvested.

More squirrel sampling. 

And this? Chickens. Who doesn't love a fresh tomato?



Asa wakes up just when I finish. We snuggle and nurse for a while.

Happy baby.

More snacks.

I make pie crust while the kids are occupied.

Start the small crock with milk for yogurt.

We all get down on the ground and do some yoga.

3 year old yoga is the best.

Soft peaches. They'll be perfect later.

We go back outside, and within seconds Asa lifts the lid to the soggy sandbox. I don't mind. I always have to hose him down in the end anyway.

I grab some herbs for dinner.


Last outdoor job of the day- planting these "walking onions".

I choose this spot between the fire pit and the strawberries.

First cardboard.

Then our neighbor's lawn clippings.

Jeff is home!

He helps me by bringing some soil from the new greenhouse site.

Vera and I break up the little bundles of onions and plant them together.

I cover it all with straw.

And just as I'm cleaning up it starts to rain.

Dinner. Time to roll out dough.

I wash and store the broccoli.

Ready to be made into pie.

Danger boy.

I put peppers in a big basket to deal with later.

My friend L comes over with her son! She's had a tough day, so we just relax and I invite her for dinner.

Jeff and I start the tomatoes on the stove for canning later.

I put the unripe ones on the windowsills.

My friend's son is a vegetarian, so I make him some yogurt and carrots and toast.

I love these carrots! 

Pie is done!

I cut up those peaches and put them on the stove with a little honey.

We eat and talk and are tired and happy together.

I discover babies and Jeff having fun before bed.

I kiss V and she tells me she's a "baby seal". She pats my face with her flipper.

Still messy.

I wrestle baby into pjs and he goes up on my back.

I clean up the living room and hope that Asa will conk out.

I find Jeff working on the canning. I love him.

Asa is not falling asleep so we go out for a walk.

Works like a charm! I find evidence of work done. 

I lay Asa down, and finish up the yogurt.

Shower. It feels amazing.

Reward for hard work. Ice cream and peaches and vegging out with my love.

We are both sore so we exchange shoulder rubs.

We head up to bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out...
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