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An October DITL

IMG_4599 edit title (Small)

Starring me, the Hubby, the Boy Wonder, the Heir Apparent, the Ninja, and Little Bear.

IMG_4460 (Small)

As usual for a school day, the morning starts off early. 7am and I am scrambling to get everything together.

IMG_4463 (Small)

The Ninja, sleeping so peacefully. Progress is that he will not refuse breakfast in the morning this year. Not so progress is that he still wants me to carry him to the curb to wait for the bus. Still, it's sweet.

IMG_4469 (Small)

Reasonably healthy lunches made.

IMG_4481 (Small)

Ninja sits like this every morning before the bus gets here.

IMG_4489 (Small)

Once Ninja is off, the Boy Wonder and Heir walk to school. Ah, that delightful age where they pose and cheesy grin for the camera every time it is pointed at them.

IMG_4494 (Small)

A little me time.

IMG_4496 edit (Small)

After the drought we had, it is nice to have the yard green again.

IMG_4500 edit (Small)

And spiders are EVERYWHERE. (save me)

IMG_4504 edit (Small)

Can you tell this is my favorite time of the year? Gratuitous leaf photos are a must.

IMG_4508 edit (Small)

Mmm, red.

IMG_4513 edit (Small)

No more tiny rose flowers, the winter berries are here.

IMG_4515 edit (Small)

One final rose holds on to the last gasps of summer.

IMG_4520 (Small)

Just what I needed, a leaky sink. Water everywhere.

IMG_4528 (Small)

The reward for my day being hijacked by faulty plumbing is a nice mocha from the oh so affordable local stand.

IMG_4534 (Small)

After 8 years in an apartment and 2 years in a cramped duplex, I revel in the joy that is sitting on the deck overlooking my backyard.

IMG_4535 (Small)

I like my Peanut avatar.

IMG_4539 (Small) cropped

Then the day went down the drain. Not again :-(

IMG_4545 (Small)

Emotional overload.

IMG_4560 (Small)

Lets not forget Little Bear. He's all hugs and food and cars and videos. We have a great time together while the other kids are at school, though this day emotions made me less enthusiastic.

IMG_4565 (Small)

One home!

IMG_4575 (Small)

And here come the other two!

IMG_4592 (Small)

Hubby comes home and saves the day. Turns out it is an easy fix and not very expensive.

IMG_4619 (Small)

Little Bear came to find me in the backyard, forgetting clothes and shoes and of course stepping on a thorn. Wants me to kiss it better over and over again until it stops hurting.

IMG_4620 (Small)

Boy Wonder's latest obsession is Terraria.

IMG_4651 (Small)

Finally got a shower in and felt a lot better.

IMG_4656 (Small)

Ran to Costco for things I forgot and for movie tickets. I have to bring home a slice of pizza or the Ninja will be oh so sad.

IMG_4659 (Small)

Discount tickets for the win!

IMG_4660 (Small)

Things I always run out of.

IMG_4661 edit (Small)

There is nothing quite so cool as trees turning red. I cannot wait until our neighborhood catches up!

IMG_4667 (Small)

Boy Wonder has some homework to finish.

IMG_4663 (Small)

This is me going to the opening of The Martian.

IMG_4670 (Small)

So, a story. I went to see The Martian, a movie about everything going wrong for a man on mars. In keeping with that theme, I went to a regular showing and 40 minutes in the movie stopped working. While I was given a much appreciated free ticket for next time, I was also shown into a 3D showing instead. My eyes hate 3D and so I came out of it nauseous, dizzy, and fighting a hint of double vision for an hour.

The movie was great though. Book was better, but the acting was top notch and kept close to the book. Definitely worthwhile.

IMG_4674 (Small)

I finished the night with my book, entirely too late for a Thursday night.

The end!

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