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October Thursday DITL

30 photos, no warnings

I am up for a little while before I grab the camera. By the time I do, we're in the full swing of school day preparations! Eating breakfast and preparing lunches and washing dishes...

Daddy and B entertain the baby while I'm busy

He rolls himself underneath the couch, but is pretty happy about doing so

I gather him up and we head upstairs to sort some laundry

Every (DITL) day is laundry day!

Finish up some homework

The three boys head up to the playroom

I turn this...

... into this. Olive approves

Baby falls asleep *just* before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Of course. I help the bigger boys (quietly) through putting on shoes and coats, then bundle the now-awake baby in a blanket to catch the bus.

Nanny M arrives and I head to work

Thursdays are usually my quiet, no classes, get-everything-done-that-wasn't-finished-earlier-this-week days.

Yesterday we had a major rainstorm sweep through and parts of campus were flooded, including the commuter parking lots. I cancelled class and have scheduled make-up times for three hours today.

After the students have completed their lab, I head back to my office and check on the simulation data.

Looks like I'm concentrating very hard, but mostly I'm just really tired

Bye, office!

I pull into my drive just as the concrete truck is leaving

B shows off his completed homework for this afternoon: number bonds and sentences using this week's spelling words

Head upstairs to check on the progress of the wall

And cuddle this guy

These boys are wild and crazy

Dinner happens, then daddy and the big boys rush out of the house for choir rehearsal

J falls asleep, so I grab the laundry to fold while watching some TV

Set up the coffee to brew nice and early Friday morning, then head to bed.
See you in November!


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