kayseeaitch (kayseeaitch) wrote in ditl,

DITL with too many bad photos.

A bunch of terribad cell phone pictures taken on a boring day where I work from home and take care of babies :)

I wake up and the boy and husband are downstairs already.

I fix some breakfast and make my coffee.

I should probably take of this. I decide nope.

I look amazing!

Savannah shows up and they play a little before the bus comes. My fish tank is clean, promise - cichlids are just gross.

I check my Etsy to see what came in overnight and how my day is going to go.

Put Savannah down for her early nap.

I check on the baby and give him a bottle so he will continue sleeping for a bit.

I organize orders and pull some TV up to watch online while I work.

I seriously need a better storage system for my vinyl.

I got distracted and fucked around FB for a bit and only got this much work done before the kids woke up. Ooops.

Caprese Salad and eggs for breakfast. Yum.

I watch the kids eat beside me while I work a little.

All done! I spent an hour and half playing on the floor with them, then it's nap time.

I stay off Fb this time and get some work done for real.

More coffee!

I spent some time snuggling this one. I suspect he doesn't feel good, he's awfully grumpy.

Both kids are awake now, and I put Jacob on my back so I can work a little. This is the view from my desk, so I can see them all the time.

I have seriously sold about 30 of these mugs this week!

Lunch for me and more TV. Kids are happily playing where I can see them.

Some more work, while Hurricane Jake destroys the living room.
I take some pictures with my real camera and my super high tech light box.

I get boxes ready for the mail lady, and step outside and starch some tutu's

Savannah fell asleep again, and Jake continues to destroy the play area.

Jonas is home, and it's Friday so no homework, so he plays Kindle.

Savannah goes home, Daddy comes home and we go out for my birthday dinner.

While waiting for our food, Jacob got really grouchy which is super abnormal then fell asleep, also abnormal.

We get home and he's running a fever! Worst parents ever.

Everyone is asleep so I clean the kitchen...

Edit some photos

and stick one more layer of starch on this and go to bed.

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