neveragain14_xx (neveragain14_xx) wrote in ditl,

A day in which we dont do much. Its a kid free weekend so we take advantage as much as i hate it.


Yep as usual this is the first thing i do

cutest kid toothbrushes ever


check out the mess... decide its not worth cleaning just yet

Internet while eating

decide to paint my nails all pretty

Time check

take forever to find clothes that fit over me

In the car

we pick up the carseat from the post office yay!

drive home

as usual....

Picked up a custard and almond scroll while we were at the post office... soooo yum

I give Andrew a try and he is instantly hooked.. he may or may not have volunteered to finish it for me haha

Keep the water intake up

and we watch a show called unique sweets... omg i need them all!

I decide to look at the carseat and figure out how it goes into the car

have to clean out the back seat before adding a new seat in though

Have to vacuum this car so badly..

No pictures of us getting the car seats in, a seatbelt locking around one of the bigger kids seats which resulted in having to cut the chair out of the car so heres a picture of the beach i drove to to cool down a bit


head out to the shops

Sushi train is my favourite!

this shop had the carseat we were after in abundance last week... today however there was none. Went to a different shop which had a very similar seat for less money and we actually like it alot better so we are going to upgrade the other seat in my car to the new one soon.

Put together the pram

Andrew gets the fun bit and puts together the breastfeeding chair

I decide to change the sheets

and clean the bedroom

the chair is finished at some point aswell

the new seat.

all 3 seats properly installed...

I am tired now.

decide to rest when this butthead joins me

after laying down for ages, i run a bath and Andrew works out.

I decide to take the kids sheets off and wash them while i have the chance

not a ditl day without at least one shot of the washing machine in action

get dressed enough to leave the house

to pick up some sort of easy dinner

Mmm noodles. Will not get the noodles i got again because they were weird.

stop at a shop for some drinks


Dinner and unique sweets

we go out again because the kids father wont answer his phone or tell me where he has taken the kids and i am worried that he has taken them to a place he shouldnt have, so we go and check. (going through very nasty custody battle right now so uhhhh)

when we get home we watch mario maker videos on youtube. kids father finally lets me talk to the kids, still no idea where they are staying but at least i know they are alive.


climb into a newly made bed... its amazing

watch castle until i fall asleep.

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