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ditl october 17, 2015

in which our heroine attends a convention and geeks out with her fellow fangirls. also there's a dance.

wincon is a fannish convention that happens in a different us city about this time every year. it's a by-the-fans, for-the-fans operation, which means we do everything ourselves and there aren't any celebrity guests. this year was the tenth year, and it was in pittsburgh.

good morning!

if i look sleep-deprived, it's because i am. all the pins are hanging on a lanyard with a name card hanging from it, so people can just look at it and go "i know who you are!" (or, if you're me, "i have no idea who you are but your name is familiar.") you got a pin for each con you went to. i've been to all of them.


breakfast! my friend and i walked to mcdonald's and brought it back to the hotel. they didn't have plain sausage biscuits so i had to get egg with mine. not that i mind, i mean i like eggs.

visit the fandom lounge, which was just a meeting room off to the side where we could hang out and look at the things on offer for the raffle.

we donate all the raffle money to kiva. i made a blank book and needed to know how many people wanted it. as of saturday morning, not many. :(

i was also in the process of making a book for someone else - not for the raffle - and wanted to finish it so i could give it to her. i have four pairs of scissors in my house, and the tiny ones are my favorite.

finished! isn't it pretty?

first panel of the day - marvel cinematic universe! i was a panelist. i brought tiny lego winter soldier and tiny lego captain america as visual aids.

second panel of the day - period tv shows! i was the moderator. there were no visual aids, so that's just the sign for the room it was in.

lunch break!

action figure captain america and action figure winter soldier came along for the ride. (they're not mine. one of my friends brought them.)

the pittsburgh, which comes with vinegar slaw and potato pierogis. i ate the pierogis before i remembered to take a picture. it was very tasty.

not pictured: third panel of the day - agent carter! i was a panelist. it was basically fifty minutes of "i love this show and everyone in it", which is sometimes all you need from a discussion.

fourth panel of the day - non-superhero comics! (i just sat in the audience this time.) the panelists didn't mind me putting their pic online. say hi to ditl, ladies! if anyone reading this likes comics, let me recommend saga and the wicked + the divine, if i may. :D

remember to book a shuttle back to the airport. also, time check.

dinner! the thai hot pot, which was really good, except for the fact that they put the flatbread on top of the soup, so it got a little soggy.

a++ soup, would patronize again. (well, if there were any where i live.)

hotel shout-out. the guestrooms were cramped but it was really well-located. also, time check.

embarrassingly out of focus pic of my cake eyeliner. >.< it's from mac and i never wear it because it's kind of a production to put on, but saturday night we have a dance - the prom :D - and i try to look nice for it.

one of my roommates lacing me into my corset. i wear it once a year, because i don't really live a corset life.

every prom must have a theme, right? bonus flashback for the back to the future fans in the audience. :D

cute shoes! sadly not mine.

slightly out of focus pic of me (the one in the top hat and the goofy expression) and some of my lovely friends.

not pictured: the giant banner, the fake clock tower, and the captain america standee, with which you could get your picture taken. we also had a buffy, a spike, and a black widow, but i think cap got most of the love.

centerpiece! there are little plastic fish in the electric votives.

not pictured: singing, dancing, complimenting people's shoes, occasionally flailing with excitement.

brush teeth!

good night, ditl!


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