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my 28th birthday DiTL!!

Lots of really blurry pictures ahead...sorry, i was too busy to look and re-take!

Good morning, 28! I'm at my parents' house for yet another ditl, this time because it's a rehearsal weekend for my world folk music singing group, which meets 20 min from the parents.

Already forgot about ditl, and it's not even 10:00! Breakfast was a bagel and cheese, followed by half of a chocolate ciabatta. nom. Then i drive to rehearsal. My tummy starts hurting on the way, reminding me to take my pills--zantac being most important at the moment!

There's a pretty boardwalk connecting the public parking lot to the building where we rehearse. Get inside and take my seat!

In the first half of rehearsal, we learn/re-learn three South African pieces, and then do a quick shape-note piece before lunch. It's a potluck and I'm picky so...mostly dessert it is, today. Oh well, it's my birthday, i do what i want!

After lunch, we tackle Bulgarian, Georgian, and Corsican pieces. When we say world folk music, we mean it!

Back through the woods to my car when we're done...jump ahead to my parents' street. Fall colors are making me so happy these days.

Can you tell our house is surrounded by pine trees? Oof. My mom claims they swept it last week....

Family hanging out in the kitchen.Ya think there was a pats game on? My brother was wearing EIGHT pieces of Pats gear for the game. they kindly paused it at halftime for the party :) Friends come over, and there is cake and ice cream and lots of chatting.

Presents!  Beer and quarters for laundry were part of my bro+SiL's present. Necklace from my aunt. Coloring book from one of my friends. Books from mommy!

My brother is a big brother through and through. He sticks a fork in my head and proceeds to try and eat my brain. We love each other.

Boyfriend finally arrives, with lots of stories about what made him two hours late...One of which was about his experience at Build-a-Bear making me a TOOTHLESS PLUSHIE!!! He HATES build-a-bear so it means a lot that he did this for me <3

My bff Anna joins brother, SiL, boyfriend, and me for dinner at a local restaurant. We got bored and stole crayons and bf drew for me :) Anna and I devoured a three-cheese pistachio pizza, and then realize that our unused utensils somehow formed a pattern. She instagrammed it with the hashtag #illuminaticonfirmed

After dinner, we head back to my parents' to gather my stuff and then head home. Currently listening to this utterly FASCINATING book, which makes the long drive there and back plus my 20ish minute commute each day fly by. Seriously, if you like trivia about daily life and why it is the way it is, read this. Get home an hour and a half later and dump all the presents and crap next to our already messy kitchen table. sigh.

I decide to have something marginally healthy for a snack (homemade applesauce) and chill out on the couch with my phone while bf builds a Lego set he got that afternoon.

More snuggles with Toothless, who then gets a place of honor on my bed. I took off his wings, though, they were not very conducive to snuggling. Sorry, Toothless!

At long last I wash up and go to bed. Where i proceeded to not be able to sleep. Despite having to get up before the sun. Blargh. Oh well, it was worth it!

Thanks for reading!



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