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October 25: A Reformation Day DITL!

Finally getting back into doing Day in the Life entries- and this day was a really good one. It was Reformation Day, so I had a double dose of church: first at my home church, and then at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. It was also Social Media Sunday, which is a multi-denominational event to get people talking about their churches on social media. This was awesome for a DITL day, because it meant I could actually take photos during the service (instead of having to skip that part of the day like I usually do).

42 photos under the cut. No warnings unless you really don't like religion.

Normally I wake up earlier than this, but I had a very fitful night of sleep in this particular instance, so I decided to lie in until 7:30.

Remember this little guy (Jesse) from previous DITLs? I was staying over at my former co-worker's house to dogsit for them again this weekend. He's ready to go out because I've taken so long to get up.

Give the dog some breakfast, and then, um, go put some pants on. (I forgot to bring pajamas with me, so I had to wear my shirt from the day before and was just in my underwear otherwise.)

This is the shirt I was wearing- one of my favorites. Unfortunately when the dog was greeting me, he snagged his claw in the fabric and now there's a hole in it. :(

Walking the dog. Looks like it rained overnight- not what I wanted to see.

I dropped the housekey somewhere in the front/side yard when I was walking Jesse, so I had to go back and get it- but once that dog wants to go back inside, he won't turn around and accompany me anywhere else! So I had to tie him to the door while I went back to retrieve it. Look at his adorable little face.

Quick shower to wake up a bit. This is the music I decided to shower to. I've kind of become obsessed with Hamilton in a fairly short time??? It's just so good, you guys. There's something addictive about it.

You have to wear red on Reformation Day!

I also forgot to bring breakfast (dang, my mind was somewhere else this weekend), but I had some tea while looking up dinner locations in D.C. for tonight and posting about Social Media Sunday on facebook.

Take Jesse out one more time before church.

Normally I have to be at church by about 9:45 for Adult Forum (the grown-up version of Sunday School), but I'm singing with the choir today and don't have to be there for rehearsal until 10:15. That's enough time to run back to my own house and grab my music (which I ALSO FORGOT the day before), grab a bagel for breakfast, and make it back to church.

Hi, church choir!

I have just enough time to take a photo of our beautiful church before the service starts.

Children's sermon.

It was not just a special day because of Reformation, but because we had two new members join the church! (The one on the left is a new member; the 2 other kids are standing in for their mom, who was joining but couldn't be at the service today.)

After we finish the service, I grab some quick refreshments at the hospitality hour before running back to let Jesse out again. It's the last time I'll have to go over, because his owners will be home by the time I return from D.C.

See a familiar, friendly face anywhere in this photo? ;)

How about now?

Pack my stuff and do a short walk with the dog. It's looking a bit nicer outside. All the trees are gorgeous this time of year.

Swing by the grocery store and grab something for lunch, which isn't pictured because I barely had time to heat it up before we had to hit the road.

I managed to convince the group to take the Metro into the city and then walk the 20-25 minutes to the Cathedral, instead of driving all the way there.

We passed the Washington Ballet headquarters on the way. Lots of young dancers coming in and out- both in the afternoon and later that evening. Perhaps they were rehearsing for Nutcracker performances?

My favorite place in the city. <3

My BFF Leon is VERY excited to be here at the Cathedral.

Gorgeous church. Lovely service. <3

Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant. No photos of the food because it was gone before I remembered to take a picture! (I had beef enchiladas.)

The restaurant was a great spot to watch the city at night.

Topped off the evening by listening to the quintessential Reformation Day song ("A Mighty Fortress Is Our God") and then falling into bed ridiculously early in the evening.


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