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2017 January DITL: Sliding

A Start-and-Stop DITL spanning two days because I kept forgetting the camera

15 January: Morning means iPad games and many breakfasts

The corner looks so empty without the Christmas tree

Selfie with baby

After brother shared a bite of yogury, little J triumphantly steals the Pop-Tart box from the pantry

Have everyone sit down at the table to eat

The boys beg for their portraits.
L, age 5 3/4 goofball

B, age 7 1/2, missing so many teeth

J, age 19 months, gremlin-extraordinaire

Upstairs to get dressed, lay out clothing to pack, and pick up toys


I have some packing/cleaning up to do also


"Pick up toys" has different meanings when you're small

Force the boys to help with their other morning chore-- folding laundry

Signs of a toddler whose gotten into the front closet

The big boys are on fire, so I send them outside to play in the "secret hideout". They think we can't see them when they're playing in there

J practices being gentle with Olive

24-hour trip with 5 people and 1 dog = many bags

I drive north, so there are no photos from the trip. Then, the camera is buried in the diaper bag, so I keep forgetting to take photos. There's lunch, a walk for the boys, a nap for the adults/baby, and a birthday dinner with cousins.
***End Day One***

16 January: Trying Again, Day Two (Boys go Sliding)

I can count on taking photos of the boys during breakfast because a) they're generally happy in the morning and b) they're contained in chairs which makes it easier

Or contained on laps, which is basically the same thing

Searching Nana's pantry for BoxTops to help fund the new elementary school playground


I spy two deer in the backyard

The boys want to see too

I don't remember how he lost his pajamas...

Showing off the Pokemon card collection to Grumpa

Poor Olive, patiently waiting to be let outside

Boot-stealing baby

Get everyone outside to help clean up some fallen branches from a recent storm.

Olive loses her mind over the sticks

J loses his mind over the trailer filled with snow

Let's go sliding!

Now B's turn!

JP, with the ridiculous hat

So much love

Nana shows the boys another place to slide

They have mixed success

Head inside to start heating water for hot chocolate. Baby J babbles to G-Nana and watches his brothers

Boys come inside, wet, cold, and ready for a warm drink

Grumpa gets out the Russian Roulette of jellybeans

You can see in the background B has gotten "Dog Food" instead of "Chocolate Pudding"

They just keep eating

Since everyone is recently fed and exercised, we jump into the car to head home

A trip to the Golden Arches ensures silence for the last 20 minutes of the drive

Easy dinner from the freezer: A gift from very kind friends

We were sent home with magazines for a little "light" reading

Watching Daddy at war with some creeping vines

We have been home approximately 40 minutes, and already toys are strewn everywhere

Preparing for dinner

Who gave this boy a lightsaber? His parents are very concerned

Post-dinner dishes and recycling


Watch Netflix until bed


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